Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console

£200.00 ex VAT per day


The Yamaha QL5 digital mixing console has 32 physical inputs and 16 physical outputs but can handle up to 64 mono and 8 stereo mix channels with 16 mix busses and 8 matrixes. Within built Dante Primary and Secondary you can connect any Dante enabled device to it. The Yamaha QL5 also has digital out (AES/EBU), word clock in/out and on board FX including two dynamics per channel strip. One of the most handy features of the QL5 is the 10 inch touch panel making navigating the whole desk easy and intuitive. Within our Dante rack located in the Yamaha QL5 we have two Netgear GSS108EPP managed switches meaning you can plug multiple Dante enabled devices into the Primary and Secondary ports in the rack itself. As well as a powercon input and powercon outputs within the same rack. Our QL5 comes with an access point and headphones as standard.


  • Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out
  • Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo
  • Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix
  • Fader configuration 32 + 2 (master)
  • iPad supports on board
  • Dante enabled: Primary and Secondary
  • DCA groups: 16
  • Mute Groups: 8
  • USB recording enabled
  • User defined knobs: 4
  • Sampling rate: 44.1kHz/48kHz

Key Features:

  • Power input: Powercon
  • Power output: Powercon
  • Transport weight: 110kg

Further Details: