We make big drapes and small drapes.  Simple drapes and strange drapes.

Venue drapes, show drapes, cruise ship drapes.  School Hall drapes and West End Musical drapes.  Event drapes and things that aren’t really drapes at all.  Permanent drapes, touring drapes and temporary installation drapes.

We’ve been making drapes for the theatre and live events industries for over ten years, so we understand deadlines.  Really tight deadlines.  Work-through-the-weekend deadlines.  Deadlines that move and briefs that change.  New build venues that aren’t finished yet.  Designers who want something different half way through tech week.  It’s okay; we get it.

Whether you’re a theatrical supplier, production manager, set builder, venue manager, designer or drama teacher, talk to us about your next drapes challenge.

“…talk to us about your next drapes challenge…”