Klark Technic DI Dual Channel

£5.00 ex VAT per day


The Klark Technic DI Dual Channel is an industry-standard solution for all your DI box needs. A stereo DI that runs on 48V phantom power with both XLR and 1/4inch jack input via combo inputs and also stereo RCA inputs, producing stereo balanced XLR outputs to go to your desk. It has both a ground lift and -20dB pad buttons as well as 48V phantom indicator lights. Additionally, to its mono sibling, there is a “SUM” button to sum both L and R inputs into each XLR and a “SPLIT” button which will take the left input and send it to both outputs. Designed extremely ruggedly and perfect for all situations.


  • Stereo
  • Input: XLR, 1/4 inch jack and RCA. 1/4 inch jack passthrough
  • Output: XLR (balanced)
  • -20dB pad button
  • Earth Lift button
  • SUM and SPLIT functions