Keep your audience safe.

Theatres all over the country are preparing to reopen with social distancing measures in place. To assist with this, we’ve developed these simple and stylish fabric bands, designed to restrict access to seats not in use.

There’s no need for signs that fall off or stickers that ruin your upholstery. These washable, fire retardant bands can be used time and time again. They’re smart, professional and can be fully branded and colour coordinated to match your auditorium.

Each band is custom made to suit your auditorium seats and includes adjustability to ensure a snug fit. You can pick from a range of 27 different colours and choose to add embroidered words, your theatre logo or anything else you might require.

Place an order now and ensure that when you reopen, your theatre looks great and your audience are kept safe.

Prices start at £21.00 +VAT each.

Call us on 01332 371710 or email for more information.