The project we undertook for Johnson & Johnson was small in size but complicated.  How do you take a conference room that is as mediocre as they come and turn it into something experiential?  The brand is a household name and requires an extremely clean, fresh and sharp realisation.  The room they had was anything but…

The answer is to build a room-within-a-room.  We installed a raised floor with sunken LED lighting and pristine white carpet, new white walls to all four sides with dual integrated projection screens and entrance drapes, a clean white stretched fabric ceiling which hid the venue’s suspended ceiling, our rigging and cabling for projection, lighting and sound.

The transformation was absolutely remarkable – you’d simply never believe it was the same space.

The room hosted brand seminars to a series of audiences over two days with the delegates rotating their seats midway through the presentation to face the opposite wall.  It was so successful, we’ve been asked to recreate similar transformations for the brand on several occasions.

“…you’d simply never believe it was the same space…”