Yamaha Rio1608-D Digital Stage Box

£50.00 ex VAT per day


The Yamaha Rio 1608–D digital stage box is designed to work with all Yamaha Dante enabled mixing consoles and devices. The 1608–D comes in a PDS 4u rack and has 16 XLR inputs and 8 XLR outputs. It supports a sample rate of either 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz and has a visual representation of the signal, Peak and +48V for each XLR input. Within our Dante rack located in the Yamaha Rio 1608-D we have two Netgear GSS108EPP managed switches meaning you can plug multiple Dante enabled devices into the Primary and Secondary ports in the rack itself. As well as a powercon input and powercon outputs within the same rack.


  • Analog XLR inputs:16
  • Analog XLR outputs: 8
  • Sample rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz
  • Input indicators: Signal, Peak, +48V
  • Output indicators: Signal
  • Power consumption: 70W
  • Dante enabled: Primary and Secondary

Key Features

  • Power in: Powercon
  • Power out: Powercon
  • Transport weight: 25kg

Further Details