Crown Xti 4002 Power Amplifier

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Crown XTi 4002 amp


The Crown XTi 4002 two channel power amplifier which gives 1200W per channel at 4 Ohms and a massive 3200W when bridged at 4Ohms. The Crown XTi 4002 has a LCD screen on the front giving 50 presets (49 of which are customisable). This amplifier has 3 pin XLR inputs on the back of the amp with a link output on each channel. In addition to the inputs it also has 2 x binding post and NL-4 speakon outputs also located on the back.


  • Channels: 2
  • Power output:
    • 1600W at 2 Ohm Dual
    • 1200W at 4 Ohm Dual
    • 650W at 8 Ohm Dual
    • 3200W at 4 Ohm Bridged
    • 2400W at 8 Ohm Bridged
  • Screen: LCD
  • Presets available: 50 (49 customisable)
  • Inputs: 3 pin XLR with XLR link through
  • Output: NL-4/Binding post

Key Features

  • Power input: IEC
  • Transport Weight: kg

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