Medieval Jester Lanterns

£12.00 ex VAT per day


Our Medieval Jester Lanterns are a very accurate representation of medieval period lighting. As safety legislation have changed slightly since this era, you may spot that the light source takes a slightly alternative, modern form. This comes in the shape of an energy efficient LED bayonet lamp, hidden by the material lantern cover. The LED lamp offers a safe, warming glow and will beautifully create the desired output. The detail on the lanterns is comprised of gold upholstery buttons, tassels and sash chord with a central rigging ring. The rigging ring offers the option to hang the lantern. Additional rigging can be provided alongside the hire should it be required.

Key Features:

  • Hanging Weight:
  • Dimensions: 280mm(diameter) x 700mm(h)
  • Transport Weight: 0.5kg