Gold Giant Chandelier with LED Candles

£50.00 ex VAT per day


This Gold Giant Chandelier with LED Candles provides a stunning feature for any event. Its sheer size is enough to impress in the largest of venues. This item is constructed using tubed aluminium, sprayed gold. Pearl beads hang between the 16 arms of the chandelier, demonstrating a touch of class while at the same time creating an eerie ‘phantom’ glow. The LED candles provide a very authentic likeness to that of a real flame, yet they meet present-day venue requirements. The chandelier is transported in individual sections (8 arms per box), making it very easily manoeuvrable. These sections are simply bolted together. The item can be pre-assembled, depending on logistical arrangements. The frame itself does have the capability to be rigged at height using preferred industry methods. Industry approved rigging can also be provided for the chandelier if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Power Input: 13A PSU provided
  • Hanging Weight: 46.7kg
  • Dimensions: 2900mm(w) x 1400mm(h)
  • Transport Weight: 110kg