Small Candle Holders

£5.00 ex VAT per day


With various shapes and sizes available these little candle holders are the perfect way to provide stylish intimate lighting. Perfectly suited for awards evening tables, dinner tables, display stands etc. Nothing quite beats a table lit by candle, especially when they are in a stylish candle holder.

The types of small candle holder available are as follows:

  • Small Candle Coaster
    • Dimensions: 10mm(h) x 105mm(d)
    • Weight: 150g
  • Small Black & White Candle Holder
    • Dimensions: 75mm(h) x 95mm(d)
    • Weight: 400g
  • Round Glass Candle Holder
    • Dimensions: 70mm(h) x 75mm(d)
    • Weight: 65g
  • White Square Candle Holder
    • Dimensions: 55mm(h) x 55mm(w)
    • Weight: 110g
  • White Round Candle Holder
    • Dimensions: 70mm(h) x 85mm(d)
    • Weight: 90g