ENTTEC Pixelator

£50.00 ex VAT per day


The ENTTEC Pixelator is the brains behind the Pixelator series. The Enttec Pixelator series of controllers and allows you to intelligently control a LED tape of almost any variety. Taking in a variety of ethernet lighting protocols this information is converted into pixel control and sent via cat5/6 to Plink adapters that connect directly to the tape and LED PSU. The Pixelator can have up to 24 PLinks attached and each PLink will control 1020 channels (340 RGB Pixels) giving a total of over 24,480 channels (8160 RGB Pixels) of control.  The PLink adapters are available in 5V and 12-24V versions.


  • Protocols: Art-Net, sACN, ESP, Kinet
  • Over 24.480 channels of control
  • Cat5/6 between Pixelator and Plinks
  • 1020 channel control per PLink
  • 2 DMX universes per PLink
  • Requires PLink adapter to work

Key Features:

  • Control Input: Cat5/6
  • Ouput: Cat5/6 Max 100m
  • Power Input: IEC
  • Power: 264W
  • Dimensions: 1u x 240mm(d)

Further Details: