ENTTEC Pixelator Mini

£25.00 ex VAT per day


The ENTTEC Pixelator Mini is a compact version of the Pixelator, the brains behind the Pixelator series. The Enttec Pixelator series of controllers and allows you to intelligently control a LED tape of almost any variety. Taking in a variety of ethernet lighting protocols this information is converted into pixel control and sent via cat5/6 to Plink adapters that connect directly to the tape and LED PSU. The Pixelator Mini can have up to 8 PLinks attached and each PLink will control 1020 channels (340 RGB Pixels) giving a total of over 8160 channels (2720 RGB Pixels) of control.  The PLink adapters are available in 5V and 12-24V versions.


  • Protocols: Art-Net, sACN, ESP, Kinet
  • Over 8,160 channels of control
  • Cat5/6 between Pixelator and Plinks
  • 1020 channel control per PLink
  • 2 DMX universes per PLink
  • Requires PLink adapter to work

Key Features:

  • Control Input: Cat5/6
  • Ouput: Cat5/6 Max 100m
  • Power Input: IEC
  • Power: 264W
  • Dimensions: 191mm(w) x 44.5mm(h) x 106.5mm(d)

Further Details: