2.4m x 0.75m Exhibition Flat

£85.00 ex VAT per day


Our Exhibition Flat allows you to build a temporary wall, partition areas of your event, or provide backing to your stage. Each one is built from a sturdy timber frame and over boarded with plywood to further enhance its rigidity. An array of different sized flats are available, which we provide covered in high-quality white PVC over a thick layer of black wool serge as standard. Other colours and materials are available upon request including bespoke graphics for your event or brand.


  • 3×1 mortise and tenon frames
  • Overboarded with 6mm plywood
  • Base covered in black wool serge

Key Features:

  • Covered with white PVC for each event (Other colours/materials available on request)
  • Dimensions: 750mm(w) x 2400mm(h) x 76mm(d)
  • Braces and weights available to suit

Additional information


1.22mx1.22m, 6mx1.2m