Exhibition Display Lights

£5.00 ex VAT per day


Our Exhibition Display Lights, also known as highlight fittings are a great way to bring attention to details on your walls. Available in a range of sizes to suit any height of wall our Exhibition Display Lights can be used to highlight artwork, logos, pillars or anything else you desire. They are a smart and subtle way of adding light to your exhibition. We stock both ‘L’ brackets and flat brackets allowing the fittings to be mounted to flats or just a sheet of wood. It is also possible to fit the highlight fitting directly to a solid surface by drilling an appropriate hole and bolting through.

Available with bullet connectors in the following lengths and colours:

  • 50mm Silver
  • 200mm Silver
  • 300mm Silver
  • 450mm Silver
  • 200mm White

Available with a 4 pin XLR connector in the following lengths and colours:

  • 200mm Silver


  • Available Lamps:
    • 5W LED lamp
    • 20W Halogen
    • 50W Halogen
  • Three fitting methods available:
    • ‘L’ Bracket (pictured)
    • Flush bracket for fixing to items with little depth, e.g. 18mm ply
    • Drilling straight through an object and bolting
  • Smart and subtle
  • Wide range of transformers available to suit every situation

Key Features:

  • Power Input: 12V via bullet connectors or 4pin XLR
  • Transport Weight: Various <1kg
  • Dimensions: 35mm(w) x See above(d) x 85mm(h)