The events industry can be extremely wasteful of our world's resources. Most of what we do is temporary and can sometimes appear extremely flippant. We work on events that require a huge amount of resources, transport and construction, often lasting only a matter of hours.

We're not complaining, it's what we do. As provider of these services, we believe strongly that we also have a responsibility to operate in a manner that is as ethically and environmentally sound as possible.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure that Presentation Design Services Ltd is leaving a positive imprint on our world.....

Carbon Footprint

All of our company vehicles, as well as all the trucks we use are offset every year with The Woodland Trust to take us towards being a totally carbon neutral company. The Woodland Trust is the only organisation offering Carbon Neutralisation that actually plant trees in the UK.

We made the decision when we first moved in that we would source our energy through The Good Energy Company . All the electricity they supply is produced from 100% renewable sources – wind power, wave power and hydroelectric.

At the time of writing, they are the only UK company offering a completely 'carbon neutral' and renewable electricity source. It costs more money, but it keeps our conscience (and our atmosphere) clean.


All timber, cardboard, paper, plastics, metals, fabrics and glass is sorted on site before being recycled locally. Our plastics are recycled and used for making new UPVC windows 5 miles away whilst all of our timber is used for bark-chip flooring in playgrounds and animal barns.

Wondering where your exhibition stand went? It probably made comfy bedding for some chickens, that laid the eggs that you ate for breakfast this morning...

As well as recycling, we also use bio-degradable and pre recycled materials as much as possible. All our bubble wrap is bio-degradable while all our office paper is produced from PEFC certified sustainable sources.

Charitable Giving

Presentation Design Services is a growing profitable company (we don't mind blowing our own trumpet) and it has long been the feeling that we should be grateful for continuing to grow in a market that deals with shrinking budgets and in a country that is in a recession. We also count ourselves lucky to be based in a part of the world where famine, wide spread poverty and disease are not day to day concerns. There are of course, plenty of countries around the world where this isn't the case. Sorry if that's a bit heavy reading, but it's the sad truth.

There isn't very much we can do to combat the enormity of third world hunger or world peace, but we can make a difference on a smaller scale. We believe that "if you can, you should".

We sponsor a program through World Vision that supports start up industries in Ethiopia. We give them several thousand pounds, which they give as a free loan to people trying to set themselves up in 'cottage' industries in the third world. 'Loaning' rather than 'giving' money puts pressure on the business to succeed, whilst not charging any interest means that repayment of the loan is feasible. Every 6 months we get reports on how the business is doing and when the money is paid back, World Vision loan it to someone else, and we get to hear how they're doing too.

The majority of our sponsorship goes to our main choice of charity StartSmall. StartSmall is based in Kenya and focuses on sponsoring children and educational children's projects in "under the radar" communities.

Through StartSmall we sponsor a children's centre in the slums around the city of Nakuru, one of the poorest areas of Kenya where people still live in IDP camps and rubbish dump slums. We provide up to 70 children with two cooked meals a day, including paying the staff to source, deliver and prepare their food.

Are you one of our clients? Whilst you eat your lunch today, be aware that you also helped buy
lunch for some of the poorest kids in the world. Thank you.

...if you can, you should...

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